Latest Designer Summer Wear Collection 2011-2012

Gul Ahmed Summer Collection 2011 For Women – Fashion For Girls

Fashion has been passing through many stages since the man came on earth. Gul Ahmed has been playing an enormous and immense role not only for the betterment of the fashion industry but also introduce the new trends of fashion in Pakistan.

New Summer Wear Collection 2011-2012

  Sana Safinaz Summer Wear Collection 2011-2012

Keeping hot factor of summer season in mind duo designers Sana Safinaz have amalgamated pastel colors along a touch of contrasts in their latest summer collection 2011.

Summer Wear Collection 2011-2012

 What bride-to-be wants to compete with her mother-in-law?

In the case of  Kate Middleton, comparisons with the Princess Diana are inevitable and sometimes completely uncanny.

The former Lady Diana Spencer was perceived as a bit frumpy when the 19-year-old kindergarten teacher became engaged to heir to the throne Prince Charles in 1981. Once in the royal spotlight, she emerged as the style icon of her time.

Middleton, who just turned 29, has had more time to hone her independence and casually elegant personal style, which includes her habit of shopping her own closet (rather than designer showrooms) for special occasions.

Yet remarkably, the two women seem to have more in common than their mutual affection for Prince William and a poignantly shared diamond-and-sapphire engagement ring.
 Meanwhile, read about the shade of blue-gray nail polish that’s been given a witty name in Middleton’s honor.

And take a peek at the sheer dress Middleton wore when she met Prince William that’s now considered a valuable royal collectible.

Is This The New People’s Princess? How Confident Kate Middleton Compares To “Shy Di”
 Kate is already of tougher sorts. Former newspaper editor Piers Morgan wrote: ‘I’ve rarely seen anyone enjoy the attentions of a camera lens quite like Prince William’s squeeze.’

Indeed, Kate does possess a confidence when on show. She was seemingly unfazed as she entered the Sandhurst parade ground for William’s graduation flanked by his private secretary as everyone but the Queen and the Prince of Wales was already seated.

But her intention to keep the media at bay is clear. Before her engagement Diana invited a newspaper journalist into her flat for a chat and a cup of tea.

Kate is well aware it would be a risky move. She has kept quiet so far and, knowing William’s distrust of the press, will continue to do so unless at official events or photocalls.

She already has her own lawyer – who also represents the Prince of Wales – and he swiftly set about writing to newspaper editors to protest at her harassment and pursued media outlets if he believed her privacy had been breached.

Diana became skilled at using the media for her own agenda, from her interview on Panorama, to the moment she turned up in a striking black cocktail dress on the night Charles admitted infidelity on television.

The cameras were still clicking years later as she lay dying inside a mangled Mercedes in an underpass in Paris.

As Kate prepares to enter the Royal Family, the public will be asking whether she is able to take up Diana’s mantle as their favourite Princess.

Keeping her mouth shut and with a lawyer in tow, Kate is already acting on the hindsight that Diana’s legacy left behind.

Is Kate Middleton Trying Too Hard To Be Princess Diana

 First comes love, then comes marriage…then comes, the transformation into the next Princess Diana? While Kate Middleton and Prince William should be enjoying the post-engagement bliss, with glowing faces and lazy wedding making plans, the Royal family seems to have a different idea. Prince William and Kate Middleton Pose For Engagement Photos

While it may be common practice for a man to pass on a “family ring,” that doesn’t generally mean that the woman follows every step of the groom’s mother from there on out, perhaps it’s different for a Princess-to-be. Recently British paparazzi spotted Middleton with her mother and sister stepping into the famous designer, Bruce Oldfield’s shop. Sure, standard practice for a bride-to-be to look for her wedding dress, but Kate isn’t any bride and walking in Princess Diana’s footsteps isn’t an easy feat.
While Princess Diana happened to favor Oldfield, it seems like Kate is doing her best to please the Royal family and make her debut, as part of their monarchy and be warmly welcomed by the British people.

“It must have been a special appointment because as a general rule Mr. Oldfield does not do front-of-shop work,” a source recently told NY Daily News, special may be an understatement?

Regardless of which designer Kate chooses, we know she’ll look stunning- the real concern here; is the pressure to join the Royal family and match up to their standards too much weight for this uber-in-love couple to handle long term? We shall see…..we’re rooting for you Kate and Prince William. Also, fashion note: you’d look flawless in lace, Kate–perhaps tell Oldfield we said so.

‘Don’t turn Kate into another Diana

 One of the UK’s most avid royal-watchers based in Norfolk has urged journalists not to turn Kate Middleton into “another Princess Diana”.

Pensioner Mary Relph, who lives near the royal estate in Sandringham, Norfolk, also called on The Queen to break with tradition and invite Miss Middleton to spend Christmas with the Royal Family.

Mrs Relph, 76, of Shouldham, Norfolk, regularly presents members of the Royal Family with flowers when they make public appearances in East Anglia.

“It’s wonderful news,” she said. “But I hope they don’t turn her into another Diana. The press really hounded Diana and I wouldn’t like to see that happen again
But Mrs Relph said she hoped Miss Middleton would join the Royal Family in Sandringham at Christmas and attend church on the estate on Christmas Day.

“Normally only family members attend the Christmas Day service at Sandringham,” she added.

“But it would be lovely if they broke with tradition and invited Kate Middleton. People would be thrilled to see her attending the Christmas Day church service with William.”

Hollywood's Cutest Kids 2011

by Barbie | 5:45 AM in |

Hollywood's Cutest Kids 2011
It can be seen that Hollywood's cutest kids are not only genetically blessed by their famous parents but also own label-heavy wardrobes. Let's see the most-wanted celebrity kids before they grow up.
Suri Cruise, daughter of Tom and Katie, is the favorite adorable target for paparazzi since she was born.

                38  Cool Pencil vs Camera Drawings Of Ben Heine

Ben Heine’s ‘Pencil vs Camera’ drawings are absolutely jaw dropping. Please, take a look, and spread his amazing work to your friends!

 As a young child (or perhaps even an adult) who hasn’t dreamed of living tree houses? Some structures are built on trees or hung from trees, but some unusual tree house building designs are even grown from trees or built right into a tree. Some people live in trees as a luxury, some to help save the environment and others out of tradition or necessity. Here are ten incredible tree house designs that range from functional to fanciful, sustainable to strange and affordable to incredibly expensive.

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